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"The term ‘community coffee shop’ conjures visions of brown, tatty, worthy and dull but we wanted to open a ‘community coffee shop’ anyway ... A place that looked like somewhere you might want to live, tatty, yes certainly, but bright, welcoming, interesting and fun."

South Street is a family run business that is always at the heart of its community. We opened our first coffee and ice cream shop in Isleworth in 2012 and from there the South Street brand grew. We now sell our artisan ice cream commercially, have a second branch in North Sheen and even run a small gallery and boutique just down the road from our flagship shop. 

"We have big tables so that customers have to share, when people share a space they are more likely to start talking.  We don’t have background music so people can hear themselves speak, plenty of room for buggies and a play corner for the children."

"You can just come and use the loo, arrange a big family get together, pick up a latte on the way to work, meet friends for lunch, sit in the sun with an ice cream, come and knit, borrow a book, buy some wool or a card, you can use South Street any way you want." 

The following are excerpts from "The South Street Story" by Rowan Joyce:

"It’s your coffee shop and you are very welcome."

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